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Campaign Sign Specials

Since we manufacture our campaign signs, we're able to offer you factory direct pricing--the lowest in the industry. If you do find a lower price from any national franchised sign company or local shop on like items and materials, just show us where you found the better price and we will match it. You don't have to worry about price!


Cheap Political Yard Sign Offer                


Campaign Yard Signs

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Corrugated campaign yard signs are the best bang for your buck. Though slightly more expensive than poster board signs, the larger size, ease of assembly, and durability is well worth the money. Corrugated plastic political signs are known for their strength and easy assembly. Because it's made of plastic, this sign is virtually indestructible as far as rain and snow go. Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs are ideal for sizes 12x18, 18x24, and 24x24. These sizes are best located in residential yards and along other streets where traffic is slow moving also, at street corners where traffic may come to a stop.

Ideal for quantities 50-2,000


cheap political campaign rod signs graphicCorrugated Plastic Road Signs

Corrugated Plastic Road Signs are available in 32x48, 48x48, and 48x96 sizes. These larger political signs are best suited to be located on faster moving roads and highways where traffic is 30mph or faster.
All campaign signs may be affected by the wind, and the corrugated plastic sign's wire frame is thinner (8.5 gauge steal) than the sealed sign's (6 gauge). So if you live in a very windy area, be sure to invest in quality sign holders to give you more desirable results. Corrugated plastic signs are the most logical sign choice for road signs. (2x4 or Larger).

Ideal for quantities 12-250


Poster Board Signscheap political campaign poster sign graphic

100% Bio-degradable, poster board signs are the least bio degradable politcal yard signexpensive political signs. The signs are ideal for heavy saturation of smaller voting districts or any streets with slower moving traffic. For a 3 to 4 week campaign with a good amount of volunteers these campaign signs can be a great fit. These signs come scored for easy folding. Assembly and installation includes folding these signs over and stapling the sides, or folding them over and stapling the sign to a wooden stake. Because of the extensive assembly labor required for these signs, only small quantities are recommended. The weather resistance goes as far as the quality of the staple job. Many campaigns add poster board signs in the final week prior to the election for greater exposure.
Ideal for quantities 50-500


Cheap political campaign poly bag sign graphicPoly Bag Signs

If you are needing 1500 or more yard signs, the bag sign is really the best way to go. Large campaigns need to look no further. These political signs are very easy to assemble, hold up well in the elements, and are very inexpensive at high quantities. While the price breaks slow down for the 3 other sign types at the 1000 quantity, plastic bag signs are just getting started. The one drawback the signs have, is that they are really only priced for large quantities (1,000 plus), and their production times are generally longer than other sign styles (15 business days plus shipping). Rush production may be available upon request.
Ideal for quantities 2,000-50,000


Political Sign Holders

political campaign sign holder graphicPrecision welded, Powder coated, Super Strength, large selection, factory direct pricing, no-minimums, attractive, cost effective. These are just a few terms to describe our large selection of sign stakes and holders


political campaign bumper sticker graphicBumper Stickers

Political Bumper Stickers have been used by position seeking candidates for over 75 years. They have always been an effective way to get attention and name recognition. We have all seen them and know how effective political bumper stickers are. Whether you are promoting a candidate or a cause our ‘Easy-Off’ Political bumper stickers will continue to look new and be functional until you want to remove them.
Hand out political bumper stickers by the 100’s, they work better than facebook!


political campaign license plate graphicLicense Plates

 Made from rust-proof aluminum, our car tags can take a beating. Use our easy online ordering to choose the text and colors, and we will send you back a proof of your customized license plates within 1 working day. It's that Easy!


free political campaign sign design graphicFree Design Templates

Don't have a design of your own? No problem. Our Graphic Arts team has compiled three groups of winning designs that you can use for your sign. These can be adjusted to fit the adjusted to fit the Yard Signs or Road Signs in any of our sizes.

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