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Personal Promotion Power! No one reproduces High Resolution Full Color photographs better than us. Put your favorite image on your signs along with your name, office, slogan or whatever. Your photograph will be produced in high resolution full color. We reproduce your layout the way your designed it - in high resolution full color.

Photo Signs - Full Color Corrugated 

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Corrugated Plastic Road Signs
Corrugated Plastic Road Signs are available in 32x48, 48x48, and 48x96 sizes. These larger signs are best suited to be located on faster moving roads and highways where traffic is 30mph or faster.
All campaign signs may be affected by the wind, and the corrugated plastic sign's wire frame is thinner (8.5 gauge steal) than the sealed sign's (6 gauge). So if you live in a very windy area, be sure to invest in quality sign holders to give you more desirable results. Corrugated plastic signs are the most logical sign choice for road signs. (2x4 or Larger).
Ideal for quantities 12-250